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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations provide a chance to present information in a creative way.  These presentations can really have a big impact because they can engage the audience in a number of ways.  You can even include sound, videos, and movement in your slides.  PowerPoint presentations are wonderful preparation for the career workplace.

The Online Tutoring Service (Brainfuse) has wonderful information about how to create a PowerPoint presentation in the Skill Surfer section.  When in Skill Surfer, click on Computers and Technology (red arrow below):

Then choose the level that makes sense for you in the PowerPoint section (red arrow below):

You can also watch this video to view a PowerPoint 2013 Basic Tutorial.

Step 1: Launch the PowerPoint program

You can launch the PowerPoint program by clicking on All Programs, then Microsoft Office, and finally PowerPoint.  If you are using a Mac computer, click here

Step 2: Choose a design

After you have launched (opened) PowerPoint, you're ready to choose the design for your slides.  Click on the Design tab (red arrow below) to see the designs that are available and click on one that you like. You can also find additional designs online.

Step 3: Create the title page slide

PowerPoint is very intuitive to use.  It will 'tell' you how to do things, so don't be afraid to click, explore, and try new things.  To create a title page slide, just click on the big slide where it tells you to (red arrow below).  The 'Click to add title' will disappear as your typed letters fill the space.  Creating the rest of the slides in your presentation is much the same process.

Step 4: Add more slides

Now you're ready to add more slides to your presentation.  Simply find 'New Slide' in the toolbar (red arrow below) and click on it.  Another way to add a slide is to move your mouse over an existing slide and right click. This will pull up several options for you, including add slide, duplicate slide, delete slide, and so on.  Remember to experiment!

Step 5: Add charts, pictures, graphs, etc.

Charts, pictures, and graphs bring your presentation another level of interest and credibility.  Hover your mouse over the text box and click on the icon of the chart, picture, graph, etc. you wish to add (red arrow below). Remember, even in a PowerPoint, you need to use APA to properly cite your sources.

You can add speaker notes to your PowerPoint slides so that you can refer to them while giving your presentation. Many assignments at Rasmussen University require the use of speaker notes, and this is great practice for presentations you may do out in your chosen field. Visit the Microsoft Office website for step by step instructions on how to add speaker notes to your slides.

Step 6: APA citations and references

Using APA to properly cite your sources in a PowerPoint presentation is just as important as it is for a research paper.  Here's information about citation and reference format for a PowerPoint.

Step 7: Review and edit

  • Double check that the assignment's required elements (bulleted from earlier) are all in your paper.
  • Use the Rubric in the box below to self-assess your assignment.
    • This is the same rubric the Writing Lab staff will use as a guideline for your written work.  Use the rubric to 'score' your own paper.  You'll see helpful resources right there for you to make any changes before you submit it to the Writing Lab.  See the bottom box for complete information about the Rubric and how to use it. 
  • You're almost finished!  Now that you're getting close to finishing your paper, you can choose to have someone else provide feedback on it before you submit it to your instructor.
    • Submit it to the Writing Lab for review. Follow the these user-friendly instructions. Feedback will be provided to you within 24-48 hours.  The feedback will be based on this rubric and will also provide specific next steps based on what is needed to improve the paper.
  • Submit your finished paper to the instructor using the drop box.
    • Click on the Attachments button. A new "Attachments" window will open.
    • Click on the Browse button. A new window will open, directing you to locate the assignment on your computer.
    • When you have located the assignment file on your computer, select it and click the Open button in the window. The filename will then appear in the File to Upload field.
    • Type the title of your assignment in the Title box. The title should be your first initial and last name (i.e. JDoe.doc).
    • Leave the File Type drop-down box set to Auto-detect .
    • Click the Upload File button.
    • A message will appear stating that your file upload was successful. Click the OK button.
    • A new screen will appear showing your attached assignment and the date and time submitted.
  • Review the instructor's feedback after grading.  You will see your writing improve over time.

Resources for PowerPoints

Paper Review (Brainfuse Writing Lab)

The General Writing Rubric

Use this rubric as a first step to self-assess your assignment.  After determining which column you think best describes your work, use the resources to the right to improve your work.  Refer back to it each time you feel you are near completion of the assignment to help you stay on track.  This is also the same rubric that the Writing Lab staff will use to provide feedback and resources suggestions.

Video: How to use the Rubric 

Submit to the Writing Lab (in Brainfuse)

Writing is a process. It helps to have feedback from others as you go through that process.  You can submit your work for review to the Writing Lab. Just make sure you have time before your submission deadline (it takes 24-48 hours).  Here's the process:

      After using the rubric to self-assess where you're at in terms of your assignment and you've made changes using the resources provided, you can opt to submit your assignment to the Writing Lab in Brainfuse for feedback and suggestions.  Once you're logged into Brainfuse, click on the Writing Lab. How to use the Writing Lab.

Using the Writing Lab

  1. Select your citation format (Typically APA 7th Edition).
  2. Add your assignment instructions for the reviewer.
  3. Select up to 3 areas from the provided list where you would like the writing tutor to focus his/her analysis. If no selection is made, then a general review will be completed.
  4. Add any additional comments, upload your assignment and click Submit.
  5. In 24-48 hours, go back into the Message Center in Brainfuse and find your reviewed paper.  You may find suggested specific resources for you, one of which may be a tutor appointment.  How to make an appointment with a tutor
  6. Revise your paper using the resources suggested.  If you have any questions, make an appointment with the tutor using Tutor Match  How to make an appointment with a tutor
  7. After you have made your revisions, use the rubric again to self-assess.  At that point, you may feel your assignment is ready to submit to your instructor.  If that is the case, do so. If you think your assignment needs more work, you may resubmit your assignment to the   How do I use the Writing Lab?
  8. When you feel your assignment is ready for submission to your instructor, submit it using the assignment drop box within your course