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Working with a Tutor vs. a Librarian

As a student, you have access to both tutors and librarians when you need assistance with assignments.


A librarian is an academic partner for Rasmussen University students, graduates, faculty, staff, and community members by providing research, citation, and instructional support.


A tutor is either a Rasmussen University student or professional tutor who specializes in providing guidance in specific subject areas. You can meet with a tutor online, over the phone, or in person (depending on your proximity to a campus).

How do you determine when you should work with one over the other? Use the chart below to help you decide:

Planning on working with a tutor? Take a look at this Answer for information on how to prepare for your tutoring appointment.

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Meet with a Librarian

Need help with research? Make an appointment with a Rasmussen University Librarian by clicking the button below: