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Work Study

Financial Aid Student Employment Program

Student Employment: Seeking Persistence, Positivity, and Reliability

Your Work Study Specialists

Eric Langness, Work Study Specialist

Eric Langness: Has worked for Rasmussen for over 9 years and has over 20 years of experience in higher education.


Kristine Witt: Has worked for Rasmussen for over 15 years and currently manages the campus-based and state aid programs, including work-study.


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The Work Study Program is a form of financial aid providing part-time employment to undergraduate and graduate students. This financial aid program assists with meeting the costs of post-secondary education and encourages all students to participate in community service activities.

Benefits of Participating in the Work Study Program

The benefits of participating in the Work Study program are numerous and varied.

  • Paid Positions: With a pay rate for our positions of at least $15.00 per hour (dependent on position and location), this additional income can help offset the cost of going to college.
  • Flexible Schedule: We know that you are a student first and we will typically be able to off more flexibility around school and life schedules than traditional work found outside the program.
  • Opportunities to Make Connections: By working either at the university or out in the community, you will make valuable connections that can help you when the time comes to graduate and find a career in your field.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Students in the Work Study Program gain experience both from working in a role directly related to what you are studying and from learning more general skills such as time management, communication excellence, and professionalism.
  • Benefits Our Community: Rasmussen is passionate about helping the communities around us. Through the Work Study Program, we are able to help local non-profit organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete a quarter prior to applying for work-study?

No! The Work Study Program is open to students at all points in their educational journey. Some roles have additional requirements, such as a minimum GPA (which would require completion of courses) for Peer Tutors, and this would be notated within the job description.

How many hours can I work?

The maximum number of hours each student is eligible to work each week is dependent on the individual student's financial aid. A number of factors influence the amount of hours you can work, such as information from your FAFSA, your course load, the program in which you are enrolled, and the other types of aid you are receiving, among other things. Also note that these things can change, which means that your hours and eligibility can also change at any time, so they are never guaranteed. Additionally, the needs of the position may influence the actual number of hours you will work each week if hired.

Am I guaranteed to get a job?

Work Study employment is never guaranteed. For every position there are multiple candidates and not every student is eligible to participate in the Work Study Program. Every student is treated equally and the most qualified candidate will be offered the position.

Do I get a paycheck or are the funds applied directly to my tuition?

Work Study students receive a paycheck for the hours they work, similar to traditional employment.

Where can I apply for an open position?

You can complete an application online. Once completed and fully signed, the application is automatically sent directly to the Work Study team for initial eligibility review.

When will I hear back from someone once I have submitted my application?

Applications are reviewed within three business days of submission. If a candidate is eligible from a financial aid standpoint, the application is routed to the hiring supervisor for the position noted on the application. Qualified students are then contacted for an interview.