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Which Writing benefit are you most interested in?
Understanding how to write a solid paper: 422 votes (34.73%)
Using tools to help revise and edit my papers: 196 votes (16.13%)
Knowing when, where, and how to use APA citations and references: 474 votes (39.01%)
I'm okay with writing, but I know I can become even better with it: 123 votes (10.12%)
Total Votes: 1215

Click here for more resources for Writing Basics:

Explore the resources below for writing assistance

You can find writing help in The Writing Guide, The English Composition Guide, and The APA Guide. You can find information about each below along with access links.

The Writing Guide

Access The Writing Guide by clicking here:

The Writing Guide provides assistance with all the various writing assignments that you may encounter while in college. In the Writing Guide you will find step-by-step instructions that will help with the writing process along with beneficial resources. Below you will find all the writing topics that are highlighted within the Guide. Click a link to be taken to that specific page within the Guide.

The English Composition Guide

Access The English Composition Guide by clicking here:

The English Composition Guide provides specific resources to assist with the writing process. Below you will find all the topics that are highlighted within the Guide. Click a link to be taken to that specific box within the Guide. Notice there are tabs at the top of each box for you to click through.

  • Types of Writing
    • Persuasive, Argumentative, Opinion, Compare/Contrast, Research, Exploratory Argument, Rhetorical Situation, Rhetorical Appeals, Toulmin Model, and Fallacies
  • The Writing Process
    • Purpose & Audience, Brainstorming/Topic Selection, Thesis Statements, Outlines, Sentences, Paragraphs, Rough Draft, Feedback & Revisions/Editing
  • Writing Organization
    • Graphic Organizers, Taking Notes
  • Research
    • Background Research, Library Resources, Evaluate, Incorporating Research

The APA Guide

Access The APA Guide by clicking here:

Use the APA Guide to find help with formatting, creating in-text citations, and references. It is recommended that you start by watching the short navigational video on the homepage. 

Everyone can benefit from writing support!

Everyone has his/her own thoughts about writing papers. Whether you love it or you find it challenging, one thing is certain--our tutoring resources are helpful. 

Access Tutoring by clicking here:

You can find writing help by using Live Help, Tutor Match, and The Writing Lab:

  • Live Help
  • Tutor Match
    • A tutor's perspective and support can be invaluable. Imagine having the guidance of someone who also writes papers every week and is trained to help. 
  • The Writing Lab
    • You can submit your papers to The Writing Lab for review and feedback. After it is returned within 24 hours, you can make edits and submit it. Make sure to give yourself some extra time for the process.

Here are some additional options for writing support:

  • Utilize Grammarly
    • Grammarly is a software you can use to check your papers for spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing mechanics, and even plagiarism.
  • Experiencing the learning process with others in your classes through study groups
    • Talk about your writing with others in your classes by starting a study group or pair. Use your course email to contact students to see if they're interested in working together.

**For more tutoring resources, visit the box to the left. 

Writing Resources

There are many eBooks that are available inside the eBooks and Academic eBooks via EBSCO and 3M Cloud Library databases! 

Not sure how to access eBooks via EbscoClick here.

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