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Peer Tutoring: Students who Know the Ropes

Which Tutoring tool are you most interested in?
I want to set up an appointment with a tutor (Tutor Match): 222 votes (33.59%)
I want to submit a paper to the Writing Lab for review: 91 votes (13.77%)
I want to use the virtual classroom for a study group: 97 votes (14.67%)
I want to see if there's a tutor available right now (Live Help): 71 votes (10.74%)
I want to explore the additional resources there: 180 votes (27.23%)
Total Votes: 661

Common Misconceptions (and the Truth) about Tutoring.

**For more tutoring resources, visit the box to the left. 


Setting up a Tutor Match Appointment.

Tutor Match is a place where you can make an appointment with a Rasmussen student Tutor. Save time by working with a student who has been where you are and can give you time-saving tips from experience.  Plan ahead and make an appointment or even make a series of appointments.

Click here for full information about Tutor Match.

Submitting your papers to the Writing Lab for review.

Here's how it works: You write your paper and then submit it to the Writing Lab.  Brainfuse tutors will provide feedback for you within 24-48 hours.  You can then make changes based on the feedback they provided and submit the final version to your instructor.  Make sure you plan on some extra time to make changes based on the feedback.

Click here for full information about the Writing Lab

On-Demand has tutors available without an appointment.

Brainfuse tutors are available in some subjects without an appointment.  After going into the Live Tutoring area, check the schedule for tutor availability.

Click here for full information about Live Tutoring

Two heads are better than one--It's true!  Pairing with a classmate can deepen your understanding of the course topics.

There are virtual classrooms available to meet with other students whenever you like!  You can ask someone in your course if he/she would like to form a study pair/group and go from there.  Sending an email through course mail is a way to connect.

Click here for full information about Study Groups

Check out Collaborate for study groups and the Study tab to create flashcards and more! 

Use Collaborate to schedule study pairs/groups with your classmates. A virtual classroom is available to you whenever you need it! 

Flash Bulb (in the Study tab) is the place where you can create and flashcards, tests, and games.


Peer Tutoring Resources

The titles in the below tabbed boxes are a small sampling of the many eBooks that are available inside the eBooks and Academic eBooks via EBSCO and 3M Cloud Library databases! 

Click on the titles to view the eBook or search for them by title in the eBook database.

Not sure how to access eBooks via EbscoClick here.

Not sure how to access 3M Cloud LibraryClick here.