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Test Taking Tips

Which Test Taking outcome sounds best for you?
Earning more points--getting better grades: 1137 votes (43.78%)
Being able to show what I've learned: 790 votes (30.42%)
To overcome my test anxiety: 670 votes (25.8%)
Total Votes: 2597

Doing well on tests is about more than knowing the information.  Improve your test taking/prep abilities and make the most of what you know!

Learn test taking and prep tips and strategies from the folks who know--Peer Tutors.  They have been where you are and can help you maximize your test scores. To connect with a tutor, make an appointment in Tutor Match! Click here for step-by-step instructions.  You'll select Success Skills in the Topic drop down and then select Test Taking/Prep from the Subject drop down menu.

One way to be as successful as possible is to be aware of your current situation so you can make a plan to improve (Metacognition).  The same is true for learning skills like test taking and prep.  The resources below will help you do just that:

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Test Taking Resources

The titles in the below tabbed boxes are a small sampling of the many eBooks that are available inside the eBooks and Academic eBooks via EBSCO and 3M Cloud Library databases! 

Click on the titles to view the eBook or search for them by title in the eBook database.

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