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Study Strategies

Which Study outcome is most important for you?
Saving time studying--study more effectively: 668 votes (46.26%)
Earning more points on my academic work: 226 votes (15.65%)
Getting the most out of the material: 550 votes (38.09%)
Total Votes: 1444

Explore the links below for help with study strategies! 

Click on the image below to learn more about how to study:



  • Study Checker
    • Want to know why you failed that test? You didn’t study enough and this app has the ability to prove it!
  • Chegg Flashcards
    • Chegg Flashcards allows you to easily create flashcards for any subject using your mobile device and track your results as you quiz yourself.
  • Exam Countdown
    • A test will never sneak up on you again!
  • SimpleMind
    • SimpleMind is amongst the free study apps which give you a new way to approach learning.


Learn about study strategies and what one will works best for you! 

Learn study tips and strategies from the folks who know--Peer Tutors.  They have been where you are and can save you lots of time.

  • Make an appointment in Tutor Match 
    • ‚ÄčClick here for step-by-step instructions.
  • You can also form a study pair or study group
    • Click here to find out more.

**For more tutoring resources, visit the box to the left. 

Study Strategies Resources

The titles in the below tabbed boxes are a small sampling of the many eBooks that are available inside the eBooks and Academic eBooks via EBSCO and 3M Cloud Library databases! 

Click on the titles to view the eBook or search for them by title in the eBook database.

Not sure how to access eBooks via EbscoClick here.

Not sure how to access 3M Cloud LibraryClick here.