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Drug and Alcohol Prevention


The Drug and Alcohol abuse Prevention Program at Rasmussen University utilizes a targeted approach to help prevent alcohol and drug-related problems for our population of students, whether they attend courses online or on-campus. The primary elements of our program are detailed below and with each element designed to reduce the illegal and high-risk use of alcohol and illicit drugs, and to prevent or reduce the negative impact to our population of students, employees, and our local communities, and to ultimately keep them safe.

The program described above and within the content of this box will be reviewed on a biennial basis to determine its effectiveness. The review will be conducted by a task force of the following: 1. Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, 2. Compliance Director, 3. A Regional Vice President, 4. A Campus Director, and 3. A Student Advisor. This group will submit a report following their review.

Legal Sanctions/Penalties

Federal and state sanctions for illegal possession of controlled substances range from up to one year imprisonment and $100,000 in fines for a first offense, to three years imprisonment and $250,000 in fines for repeat offenders. Additional penalties include forfeiture of personal property and the denial of federal student aid benefits. (See attached document for details)

Providing Education/Increasing Awareness

  • Rasmussen University will distribute educational materials to students at minimum twice each year, in October and April.
    • Materials will warn students about the dangers and negative consequences of using drugs and alcohol abuse
    • Materials will be sent via an email blast
    • The October timeframe coincides with, “National Collegiate Alcohol Awarenessmonth.
  • Staff and faculty will receive similar information at least once each year in our Compliance Quarterly newsletter.

Rasmussen University will dedicate space at each campus to educational materials about drug and alcohol abuse. The materials will be displayed in a prominent location on each campus, either in the main hallway used by students, or in the student lounge, and the materials customized for each campus population

Prohibiting alcohol and alcohol advertisements on our campuses.

  • No promotional materials that either overtly or subtly promote alcohol or drugs, including tobacco or e-cigarettes are allowed on Rasmussen University campuses or offices.
  •  Promoting alcohol-free social options and events
    • As local events are planned by campus leaders, staff, and faculty, Rasmussen University will make efforts for them to be alcohol-free, or at minimum to include alcohol-free alternatives so attendees are able to avoid the temptation of alcohol but still participate fully.

  • Maintaining an up-to-date list of resources for students, faculty and staff
    • Rasmussen University will publish and maintain a list of local and national resources that are available to those who are affected by drug and alcohol use.
    • The resources will be available on each campus, and in a central repository developed and maintained by the College on our “guides” website in the Student Success and School guides:
    • Full-time employees and members of their household have access to Cigna’s Life Assistance Program. This program offers access to no-cost, work/life support services including three in-person counseling sessions per year, legal, health and wellness resources, health and wellness topics with multiple resources covering addiction and recovery.