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Personal Development and Growth

                                                                       Personal Development and Growth


Making time for yourself is important. 

Personal development and growth is just as vital and important as learning concepts and knowledge in your professional field. Taking the time to grow and develop personally allows you achieve your maximum potential and efforts. It provides insight to your personal strengths and weaknesses, allows you to become the best version of yourself, and sets you on the path to achieve your goals and highest potential.

Personal development and growth doesn't happen overnight and it cannot be achieved by reading one book. It is a life long journey of conscious and unconscious efforts to further better yourself every day. Life is always busy and one must make this a priority in their day to day to life to see, feel, and achieve the effects of personal development and growth. Even if this means taking 5-10 minutes of each day to improve your well-being. Personal development and growth has a profound effect on your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health well- why not make the effort to improve these aspects of your life?

At Rasmussen University, we want to help you improve yourself and maximize your potential. Explore this Guide to help start yourself on the path of your own personal development and growth! 

Growth Mindset

Being open to learning and changing is often referred to as having a growth mindset. 


Why is having a growth mindset important as a student and a professional?

Having a growth mindset is something that employers are always looking for. If you believe that you can learn and become more skilled and intelligent you will be a harder worker and you will excel in whatever you do. As a student, you will be open to learning new things and new information will come easily to you.


What is Growth Mindset? 


The power of yet:

  • When you say you can’t do something, you should think of it as you can’t do something “yet”. 
  • You can and will learn how to do it, you just don’t know how yet. Staying in this frame of mind, keeps you wanting to learn more.


Check out our Growth Mindset FAQ to learn more about this topic.