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Publishing Guide

Publishing information and resources for Rasmussen University faculty and staff.

Writing Conventions & Support

Consider using templates in the Writing Center in Academic Writer to write your manuscript.

Select Write from the menu of options

You can select from templates like: case study, meta-analysis paper, methodological paper, and more. Learn more about Academic Writer.

Templates to choose from in the Write area of APA Academic Writer

Managing and Citing Sources

Research management includes three tasks:

  1. Gather and select credible, high quality resources
  2. Organize selected sources to avoid duplication and assist with synthesis, analysis, and writing
    1. Track or record database searches – to avoid duplicating efforts, and to assist with locating additional information
    2. Establish a note-taking system - create your own system, or options are available in NoodleTools and APA Academic Writer
  3. Citation management to avoid unintentional plagiarism, to give credit to the authors of your sources, and to lend credibility to your own work
    1. Choose a citation management tool (NoodleTools or APA Academic Writer are supported by Rasmussen University Librarians) or develop your own approach using the APA Guide for citation information and examples