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Publishing Guide

Publishing information and resources for Rasmussen University faculty and staff.

Welcome to the Rasmussen University Publishing Guide

Use this guide to learn about:

  • Rasmussen University IRB
  • Conducting Research
  • Writing & Citation Management
  • Publishing Process
  • Copyright & Authorship
  • List of Published Faculty and Staff

Why Publish?

1. It is the root of scholarly tradition. Publishing research is how we’ve come to know what we know as people. Many find it fulfilling to be able to contribute to that canon and encourage academic inquiry. 

2. Intellectual credit and recognition. Publishing your work is a way to receive credit for all of the time and labor it took to do it. It feels good to be recognized for your academic persuits, and to be respected in your field.

3. Indirect rewards.  Publishing your work could lead to job prospects, or provide opportunities for collaboration with others in your field. It could also provide a platform to share something that you are passionate about through speaking engagements or organizational opportunities.

4. Friendly competition.  It is exciting to be the first among your peers to publish findings that have never been published before.  It can also be especially motivating to push one another in the path of discovery. 

5. Everyone benefits from scientific knowledge.  By publishing your work, you are not only contributing to your field, but to the human worldview. You are sharing discoveries that could shape the way the world thinks.


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Scholarly Writing & Publishing Life-Cycle

Lifecycle presented in a circular graphic. Includes Ideation/Plan,Determine Funding; Submit to IRB; Research, Data Collection & Analysis; Write; Peer Review & Revision; Production & Publication; Distribution/Discovery