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Our goal is for you to maximize your writing and APA skills.

The paper review process is designed to enhance your writing and APA formatting skills. Rather than directly correcting or fixing your writing or APA errors, it provides you with the tools and guidance necessary to make these corrections yourself. This method ensures you develop and maximize your skills, benefiting your academic and professional endeavors.

Which level makes sense for me?

When deciding which level best fits your needs, it's essential to read each description provided.

Below each level, you will find the paper submission form tailored to that option. This setup ensures you can accurately assess which level aligns with your requirements and submit your documentation accordingly. 

Level 1: Your first submission.

A general review that will guide your revision process. Instructions for Grammarly will be included. After this review, all students are expected to use Grammarly in their writing process.

If you need more help at this level, please make an appointment with a Writing Peer Tutor.

You will receive resources that you can use to:

  • Learn about APA format, what it is, how to use it, and how to check it for accuracy. Also, receive an APA Template to get you started on the right track.
  • Get a report with general feedback about your writing and suggestions to improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, clarity, and engagement. The plagiarism tool will show you which content came from other sources so you can double-check what you have cited.
  • Foundational writing tools that will save you time AND enhance your writing and APA skills. Access Writing Lab Resources for specific topics.
  • Individualized resources based on your specific question/need.
  • Information about how to schedule an appointment with a Writing Peer Tutor.
  • Information about next steps. You’ll choose what works best for you.

After the Paper Review: Now what?

  1. Follow the instructions to install Grammarly and use it with everything you write. 

  2. Revise your work by applying the report feedback; you can run your work through Grammarly Online Editor again.  

  3. Continue advancing your writing and APA skills using Writing Lab resources (including peer tutoring). 

  4. Meet with a Writing Peer Tutor for individualized support as needed. 

Level 1 Support Form

Level 2: You already use Level 1 resources but seek additional support

NOTE: Before submitting your paper for a Level 2 review, please ensure you have used Grammarly to check for any language and grammar issues. If you fail to use Grammarly, your paper will be returned to you.

You'll choose three options from the following:

  • Introduction and Thesis
  • Body paragraphs and supporting details
  • Conclusion
  • Organization (outline, headings, order)
  • Tone (check for a scholarly, more formal tone)
  • Voice (written in third person; is the student’s voice present?)
  • Clarity (is the information clear and understandable?)
  • Fluency (does the work ‘flow’ with smooth transitions)
  • Analysis from detail development (have conclusions been drawn from the details?)
  • Synthesis of sources (are various sources used to draw a different conclusion?)
  • APA formatting, including references and in-text citations
  • Assignment expectations alignment
  • Grammar and Mechanics

You may have several Level 2 paper reviews. You’ll use Grammarly and other resources consistently and polish your writing and APA skills. You’re right on track!

Level 2 Support Form

Level 3: Graduate

At Level 3, you are using the resources from Levels 1 & 2 and have developed solid writing skills. You are doing more in-depth writing and research that includes synthesis. An expert writer provides Writing Support, while a Rasmussen Librarian can support Graduate students with advanced research strategies.

Academic Writer has extensive resources and tutorials for those at this level.

8-Part Series: Introduction to Research 

  1. The Rules of Evidence in Science 
  2. Research Questions and Hypotheses 
  3. Research Strategies and Variables 
  4. The Sample 
  5. Confounding Variables and Their Control 
  6. Research Design and Threats to Internal Validity  
  7. Criteria and Criterion Measures 
  8. Analyzing Data and Drawing Conclusions 

At this level, you will receive feedback from an expert writer. Graduate students needing advanced research strategies can schedule a meeting with a Rasmussen Librarian. Students must be enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program: MSN, DNP, MBA. MHRM, MPH, and MHA.

Level 3 Support Form

Writing Tutors

Our tutors help students across the disciplines hone their writing skills. From essays and creative writing to research papers and real-world professional discourse, our tutors help students harness the power of available writing resources to take their written communication to the next level.