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New Students

Check out the Course Materials Guide for information on how to use eTextbooks, library eBooks, embedded course materials, and more!  Click on the image below to be directed to the guide.

The Student Success Guide is a great place to check out tips and tricks for new students.  Click the image below to visit the guide.

Be sure to check out the Success Skills tab on this guide.  It contains helpful information regarding time management, reading strategies, technological skills, and even tips from other students.  Click the image below to navigate to the tab.

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Introduction to Library and Learning Services Resources (Orientation)

Greetings esteemed deans, faculty, and advisors!  Welcome to the School of Nursing Guide - Resources Edition. Use these resources during new student orientation or show in the first weeks of class to introduce students to the great library and learning resources available at Rasmussen College. 

We recommend:

  • New students: APA Quick Start and Resources tab videos, all three handouts
  • Q2 students: Writing and Tutoring videos, School of Nursing LLS resources handout
  • Academic Writing/Plagiarism: Paraphrasing/Quoting and Writing videos

  • APA
    • APA QuickStart
      • This video is a quick introduction to APA to help get students oriented to the formatting choice of Rasmussen College.
    • Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
      • This video guides students through what is means to quote, paraphrase, or summarize resources.  It allows students to understand the differences and know how to cite each one.
  • Resources Tab/Online Library
    • Taking the Resources Tab for a Spin
      • This video walks students through the resources available on the resources page in the online course platform.
    • Discovery All in One Search Database
      • This video shows students how to use the online library to find scholarly articles, ebooks, and much more.
  • Writing Help
    • Writing Support
      • This video shows students how to access and use the writing resources available for students to use.
  • Tutoring
    • Live Help and Tutor Match
      • This video guides students through accessing and using Live Help and Tutor Match.
  • Handouts
    • Online Scavenger Hunt
      • This is a fun and interactive way to get students to engage with Rasmussen resources.
    • New Student LLS Resources
      • This handout shares the resources available for new students at Rasmussen College.
    • School of Nursing LLS Resources
      • This handout walks nursing students through helpful resources available through Rasmussen College.
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