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MAN3504 Operations Management (CBE) Course Guide

Resources to help students examine the operations function of managing people, information, technology, materials, and facilities to produce goods and services.


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The best advice I could give someone for this course is to follow the rubric. Sometimes it looks different than the assignment, but your work is graded based on the rubric.



I was worried about sounding stupid, but my instructor was really good and really meant it when he said we could contact him outside of class. I would say if you're having trouble with any of your assignments to reach out to your instructor or find a tutor.


I wouldn't have survived this class without the live classrooms. I like the recordings because I can listen to them as much as I need to and start and stop as I go. The examples my instructor gave really helped me.


I use the FAQs when I'm confused about assignments in any of my classes. Most of the time, my question has already been asked, and it saves so much time for me. There are so many resources available that I lose track of them.

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Having trouble identifying which leadership style best represents you? Browse the online quizzes below to help you reflect on your leadership traits. These quizzes adopt a variety of approaches and represent different paradigms for leadership, but they may still help get your creative juices flowing!



Online Leadership Quizzes

Optional Library Readings & Videos

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Remember, "table outline" does NOT mean a formal written outline; rather, you are being asked to provide an overview of your ideas in a written paper including two tables (one for domestic and one for international sourcing plans) with a corresponding written discussion. Students who are successful with this deliverable use their rubric as their guide and participate in their live classroom session!


Pro tip: Review the deliverable instructions and the grading rubric before your live session.

Optional Library Readings

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Optional Library Readings

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Not sure where to begin for your project plan? Review the resources on survey methodology, RFPs, project planning, and risk management below for help brainstorming around what to include in your project plan for a data collection tool and the related templates you will be creating.



Optional Library Readings

Business woman working on laptopDo not confuse your reference list assignment with an annotated bibliography! Simply create an APA-style reference list, and include a brief summary at the end of the document of your general search strategies and how you made your source selections. To find sources like articles and eBooks, utilize the databases recommended in the Business Management Research box below. Access APA resources in the scrolling box on the left hand column of this Guide. 


Pro tip 1: Read your rubric carefully for the number of sources required of you!

Pro tip 2: Review the Database Tutorials and Database Search Techniques tabs in the Business Management Research box below for help with constructing keyword searches and limiting results by date.


Optional Library Readings

*Do not use these reading in your reference list! These readings were selected to support your understanding of quality management and measurement.

Optional Library Resources

Business Management Research

Business Source Complete icon                   Small Business Reference Center icon                  Business via ProQuest icon

Or, search nearly all of the business and general education databases using the search box below.

Hello. Search the Business Library!
Advanced Business Discovery Search

eBooks via EBSCO icon                         ProQuest eBook Central icon

Or, search nearly all of the business and general education databases using the search box below.

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Advanced Business Discovery Search
Search Strategies Example:


Assignment: "Research leadership strategies for managing organizational change."

1. Determine keywords:

  • Research leadership strategies for managing organizational change.

2. Determine synonyms. Sample synonyms include:

leadership strategies organizational change
manage institutional change
leadership methods organizational innovation

3. Develop a search string using AND to combine topics and OR to include synonyms.

image of example search string in EBSCOhost









4. To narrow results, review initial search results to determine subject terms. Use the subject term to revise or conduct a new search:

search results in Business Source Complete with drop-down menu for SU Subject Terms

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