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Our Commitment to You

The College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certifies tutoring and peer education programs around the world. Rasmussen University's training programs have earned Level 2 ITTPC certification and Level 1 IPTPC certification, and our peer tutors can pursue individual certification in both specialties. Our certification efforts exemplify our commitment to academic service excellence.

How do I know which service is right for me?

New Student Mentoring

Because we've all been there. Meet with a tutor who can show you around the learning experience and all of the academic resources available to you at Rasmussen University. Not sure where to begin? No problem. 

Academic Skills Tutoring

Sometimes getting un-stuck has nothing to do with course content and everything to do with the approach. Beyond course subjects, our tutors focus on a variety of critical academic skill areas. Not sure what you need? Our tutors can help assess and make a plan that's customized for you. 

Course Tutoring

Get targeted support for disciplinary concepts by exact course title match. Our course-specific tutors help clarify course concepts and reinforce classroom learning to boost student confidence. Not seeing your course? Meet with an Academic Skills tutor instead in the topic area closest to your need. 

We cannot guarantee a tutor in all subject areas or classes, but we prioritize coverage in high-demand courses.

Writing Lab Tutoring

Our tutors help students across the disciplines hone their writing skills. From essays and creative writing to research papers and real-world professional discourse, our tutors help students harness the power of available writing resources to take their written communication to the next level. 

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

"My Tutor was an incredible resource and has empowered me to make small changes to my schedule so that I can be successful in my studies and coursework."

"This helped me out tremendously. There are so many resources to help you along with your learning experience."

"Tutoring has not only helped me academically but emotionally by boosting my testing confidence."

"My tutor did a great job explaining the materials to me. very knowledgeable."

"I appreciate this option. I have a better understanding and oddly, I feel supported and encouraged."

"My Tutor helped by giving me advice and ways to help to prepare for my exams and relieve some of my test anxiety that I would experience."