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New Student Learning and Tutoring

Navigating the Learning Center

The Learning Center is strategically designed to foster exploration and utilization of the diverse resources it offers. This includes dedicated pages with skill instruction for online learning, academic skills, CBE, and support for learning differences, all aimed at enriching your learning experience. 

Navigate the links at the top to discover more about these skills and resources.

Access Tutoring in Blackboard

  1. Log into your online course
  2. Under Books & Tools on the left side, select  "View course & institution tools"
  3. Select Tutoring

Meet with a Tutor

New Student Mentoring

Because we've all been there, meet with a tutor who can show you around the learning experience and all of the academic resources available to you at Rasmussen University. 

New Student Mentoring

Academic Skills Tutoring

Sometimes, getting unstuck has nothing to do with course content and everything to do with the approach. Beyond course subjects, our tutors focus on various critical academic skill areas. 

Academic Skills Tutoring

Course Tutoring

Get targeted support for disciplinary concepts by exact course title match.  Not seeing your course? Meet with an Academic Skills tutor in the topic area closest to your need. 

We cannot guarantee a tutor in all subject areas or classes, but we prioritize coverage in high-demand courses.

Course Tutoring

Ask the Learning Experts