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Research in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Paralegal Studies

 Research Process: The Basics

1. Define your topic.

2. Do some background research.

3. Use library resources to find relevant books, articles, reliable websites, and videos to support your argument.  

4. Evaluate the quality and reliability of the resources gathered.

5. Take notes and record bibliographic information.

6. Organize notes and create an outline.

7. Write a rough draft.

8. Insert citations for resources integrated into the paper.

9. Proofread and polish.

Find more information about the research paper writing process in the Writing Guide.

Click on the Database Help tab in this Guide to view video tutorials

Best Bets: Begin your search for articles in the databases listed below:

Specialized Databases: Use these databases for in-depth research.

Click here to access Fastcase video tutorials and more.


Recommended Websites