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MN POST Board Exam Review Guide

Test Taking Tips

Beat Your Test Anxiety by Being Prepared!

Utilize the resources below to help you best prepare for the POST Board Exam.

Multilingual Learners

Click here for complete information about English Language Learner resources.  

Study Aids:

Freaking out about taking the POST Board Exam?  Check out these resources to help you stay on your A game!  We have all the resources you could want to help you prepare for your test and stay cool while taking it, plus some tips for mastering multiple-choice exams.  



Tutoring Services

Learn test-taking and prep tips and strategies from the folks who know--Peer Tutors.

One way to be as successful as possible is to be aware of your current situation to make a plan to improve (Metacognition). The same is true for learning skills like test-taking and prep. Schedule an appointment with a tutor under "Test Preparation".


Reading Strategies

Before, During, and After Strategies for Reading will help you understand and remember what your read.  Great overall resource!

Improving Reading Comprehension is another resource to help you comprehend and retain more effectively.

SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recall, Review) will lead you through steps to make sense of the text.

Mind Mapping will help your organize your thoughts and see how concepts interrelate. Great for studying too!

K-W-L (what I Know, what I Want to know, what I Learned) will help you activate and use your prior knowledge. So important to the learning process.                  

Utilize Learning Express for reading assistance. See Adult Learning Center - Becoming a Better Reader; see College Center - Reading Review. 

How do I take notes that will be helpful?



Study Strategies Resources

The titles in the below tabbed boxes are a small sampling of the many eBooks that are available inside the eBooks and Academic eBooks via EBSCO and 3M Cloud Library databases! 

Click on the titles to view the eBook or search for them by title in the eBook database.

Not sure how to access eBooks via EbscoClick here.

Not sure how to access 3M Cloud LibraryClick here.