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Legal Documents

Trial Brief Sample:

Legal Memo Samples: 

Indictment Sample: 

Interrogatory Sample: 

Request for Production of Documents Sample: 

A written list of documents, electronic files, and audio and video recordings or physical things, submitted to a party from his or her adversary to inspect and copy the requested items and that have relevance to the issues in a lawsuit...Read more on the FAQ.

Summons & Complaint Document Samples: 

  • Contacting your local clerk of court can be helpful
  • This website provides examples of legal forms
  • Check Lexis Advance for help in their Forms library
  • This Answer on legal memos may help
  • Below are two document examples and a video showing how to create the documents

Using active voice is a skill to work on while a student. Experts agree that legal writing is better when done in the active voice and not passive voice. This Answer explains in detail, with examples, how to write in active voice.

Here are a few Active v. Passive voice examples: 

Passive Voice                                                                                 Active Voice 

Jenny was hit by the car                                                                  The car hit Jenny

The ball was thrown by Mark                                                           Mark threw the ball

The Answer and Counterclaims were filed by the Defendant         The Defendant filed the Answer and Counterclaims 

CLIO is a cloud-based office management system for legal offices. Paralegal students will learn how to use and get access to CLIO in PLA2763 Law Office Management and PLA2820 Paralegal Associate Capstone, along with the needed contacts, matters, and fact patterns. Students should not create their own CLIO accounts. The Paralegal Librarian will create the student accounts. Students will receive an invite email from CLIO with the subject line "You've been invited to Clio" to their student emails. Next, students will fill in their first and last name, create a password, and select a time zone. If you need help, contact your instructor or the Paralegal Librarian.

Several helpful links are below for you to explore the CLIO University, CLIO Academy, and CLIO Help Center.