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Paralegal Study Session Resources

Paralegal Study Sessions

Check out our "Paralegal Study Session” webinars, where a Paralegal tutor will share advice on being successful in the Paralegal program. Topics covered each week include: Bluebook Citations, Lexis Advance & FastCase, top 10 resources to support you, specific challenges in your course, writing help, and more!


** Times below are in Central Time**

  • Term 1

    Thursday October 14 at 9:00 AM CT (Bluebook)

    Thursday October 28 at 12:00 PM CT (Legal Databases/Lexis)

    Term 2

    Thursday November 18 at 9 AM CT (Bluebook)

    Thursday December 2 at 12 PM CT (Legal Databases/Lexis)


Unable to attend live? No problem! Check out the recordings below or click here.

Please let us know how we are doingClick on the image below to complete our Paralegal Study Sessions Survey.Thank you!      


The Paralegal Study Session recordings and documents are available in the box below or by clicking here.

What is the study cycle?



The study cycle is a great study method to follow to help you retain the information you are learning.  It allows you to "chunk" the information into more manageable pieces for better engagement and retention.

Study cycle: Preview - Attend - Review - Study - Assess

Step One:  Preview (done before class)

  • Skim the chapter
  • Look for bold words, headings, review chapter objectives
  • Note questions

Step Two:  Attend

Step Three:  Review within 24 hours

  • Review and rework notes from class
  • Helps transfer information from long-term to short-term memory

Step Four:  Study using intensive study sessions


Step Five:  Assess

  • What questions remain?
  • Are your study methods effective?
  • Can I teach this material to others?



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Need help?

Make an appointment with a tutor!

  • Our tutors are current Paralegal students and understand the challenges of the assignments unique to your program.
  • It is never too early to see a tutor. Tutors can help clarify instructions, share tips for selecting a topic and writing your thesis statement, walk you through library database search techniques, and coach you through writing your annotated bibliography.
  • You can schedule an appointment with a tutor using Tutor MatchSelect Paralegal from the drop down menu and then pick Your Class or Subject for tutors trained specifically to help.

Writing Help

  • If you need assistance with writing a paper or with Bluebook formatting, you can select Paralegal as the "Subject" in Tutor Match, then "Bluebook" or check out our Bluebook Citations tab.
  • Looking for other writing help besides tutors?  Visit our Writing Guide or Writing Lab.

Tutors are available for all Rasmussen University students for free. Students can get tips and tricks from peers who have been there. 

Wish you had the inside scoop on what to expect? Not sure what you need? Want to polish up your learning skills? Want to work smarter, not harder?

Make an appointment with a tutor! 

Click here for directions and a video to help you make your first appointment:


  • Don’t wait until the last minute to seek a tutor’s help.
    • Don’t let the issue compound and become an even bigger issue.
    • Use tutoring early and often.

HEY!  There's an app for Brainfuse (Tutoring Platform)! Click here    

Paralegal Study Session Recordings & Documents

Please refer to previous quarter tabs above for additional recordings and content.

Please refer to previous quarter tabs above for additional recordings and content.