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PLA1013 Introduction to Law and the Legal System

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What do they do?

     Occupational Outlook Handbook information on paralegal and legal assistant careers

What do they do?

     O*Net Online information about paralegal and legal assistant careers

Articles from the Rasmussen University School of Justice Studies Blog

National Paralegal Associations:

How do I find out about my state?

Consult the document and video below. 

The National Federation of Paralegal Association's (NFPL) Paralegal Regulation by State document can help you learn more about how your state regulates the profession:

Does your state regulate the paralegal profession?

View this video demonstration to learn how to search state regulations in the legal database, Fastcase.

Click here for additional information about how the U.S. Government is organized.

Federal Courts

Click on the links below to learn more about the Federal Court system.

State Courts

The structure of the court system varies from state to state. Click on the link below to view an interactive map providing information about a state's court structure.


Use the tabs in the left panel of this Guide to link to videos and other tools that will introduce basic search skills in Fastcase and Lexis+.

Introduction to Lexis+

Selections from the Library Collection

Writing a Legal Memorandum

Click HERE to link to additional information about writing legal memorandums.


Books on Legal Writing from the Library Collection

How to create the section symbol (§)

Visit our FAQ to download the instructions for creating the section symbol (§) in Word.


Check Lexis+ for help in their Forms Library

Click on the video below for information on how to draft a summons and complaint.

Paralegal students will self-register their Lexis+ account. Students will receive a code from their professor. Please reach out to your faculty with questions.

Legal Memo Samples: