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APA Toolkit

American Psychological Associaton (APA) citation style is an editorial style that governs:

  1. How to format your paper in Microsoft Word.
  2. How to include resources in your paper. 

View the video below for an introduction to this editorial style:

Below are some APA essentials:

APA Paper Template--Download this pre-formatted APA Paper to use for all of your APA assignments! 

APA Sample Paper: The APA Sample paper includes helpful tips and information about the APA style and can be used as a model for any research paper written in the APA Style. 

APA Paper Checklist - Use this checklist to review your APA papers and assignments!

Use NoodleTools to generate APA citations.  You can also use NoodleTools to format your annotated bibliography. 

Citing Legal Resources (click the links below):

Citing a U.S. Supreme Court Case

Citing the U.S. Constitution

Need more help with APA?  Make an appointment with an APA Tutor!

Click Here for information about how to schedule an appointment!

Citing Legal Resources

Click here to link to the page in the APA Guide that provides information about how to cite cases, statutes, administrative rules, and government reports in the APA Style.

Consult the APA Style Blog's articles on citing legal resources for helpful information.

Access all of the information you need to efficiently create a References list using the NoodleTools Citation Builder in the NoodleTools Guide.

Consult Cornell Law School's LII website for guidance in creating legal citations for a variety of legal resources.

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