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HSA3110 Introduction to Healthcare Administration (CBE) Course Guide

Resources to help students in their exploration of the administrative principles and practices within healthcare organizations.


Module Support

NOTE: Readings are provided as examples or case studies to support student understanding of deliverables and modular content, but should not be misconstrued as a required topic, approach, or course of action.

Outbreak of a High-Risk Disease:
Risks and Benefits of Organizational Change:
Leadership, Operations Management, and Fraud:
Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Operational Performance, and Market Trends:
Healthcare Innovation Strategies & Technology Improvement:

Top LLS Resources for your PowerPoint Presentation:

An executive summary is a concise version of a lengthier document, proposal, or multiple related reports. It is one of the first things (and sometimes the only thing) recipients of your document will read; therefore, it should be short and (often) persuasive. Visit the Introduction to Healthcare Administration FAQs in the box at the bottom of the page for more on executive summaries.

Deliverable 2 - Identifying the Risks and Benefits of Organizational Change

For this deliverable, you are asked if it is a good or bad decision for non-medically-trained (NMT) staff to make medical decisions. In other words, consider the pros/cons of allowing NMT staff to make decisions that a physician would normally make and address both sides. Consider the following (and other issues!), and support your analysis with references:


  • How would NMT staff allocate resources?
  • Aid physicians in scheduling?
  • Save the organization money?
  • How could they possibly sabotage such efforts?
  • What limitations would they have in virtue of lacking medical training and expertise?


Deliverable 3 - Explaining FIFO and LIFO

Here you will be comparing and contrasting FIFO and LIFO supply chains in healthcare. You are required to support your analysis with a reference list. Start your research in the Optional Library Readings tab of this box, and then continue your search within the library resources featured in the Healthcare Management & Disease Research box on this guide.

Writing research papers gives you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into a topic while relying on credible sources for information. This process also hones the skills that so many employers find valuable like researching for information, applying the information, prioritizing and organizing information, and more.

Healthcare Management & Disease Research

Or, search nearly all of the business and general education databases using the search box below.

Hello. Search the Business Library!
Advanced Business Discovery Search

Or, search nearly all of the business and general education databases using the search box below.

Hello. Search the Business Library!
Advanced Business Discovery Search


Recommended Databases
Recommended eBooks for Disease Research


Book cover for Diseases of the Human BodyBook cover for Magill's Medical GuideBook cover of Emerging Viral DiseasesCover of Diseases of Poverty eBook

Search Strategies Example:


Assignment: "Research leadership strategies for managing organizational change."

1. Determine keywords:

  • Research leadership strategies for managing organizational change.

2. Determine synonyms. Sample synonyms include:

leadership strategies organizational change
manage institutional change
leadership methods organizational innovation

3. Develop a search string using AND to combine topics and OR to include synonyms.

image of example search string in EBSCOhost









4. To narrow results, review initial search results to determine subject terms. Use the subject term to revise or conduct a new search:

search results in Business Source Complete with drop-down menu for SU Subject Terms

Introduction to Healthcare Administration FAQs

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