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How to set up an Tutoring Appointment


Tutor Match allows you to request a tutoring appointment with a Rasmussen student tutor.

Click here to connect to the online tutoring platform (Brainfuse).

You can request your appointment to be online, over the phone, or in person (as available). The example below is for an online appointment, but follow our lead for phone and in-person appointments. 

How To use Tutor Match

  • Log in to Online Tutoring Service
  • Look for Tutor Match


  • You can schedule an appointment with a tutor using Tutor Match. Select Health Sciences in the School drop down and then pick your course!


  • Click on Schedule


Request a Tutoring Session

1. Select your Preferred Modality:

a. Online with audio
b. In Person

Note that the tutor may or may not be able to meet with you in person depending on his/her location.


2. Ensure your Time Zone is correct (located to the right of "Available Tutors").  If it is not correct, click on the time zone link. A separate box will appear, allowing you to change your default time zone and continue scheduling your appointment. 


3. If desired, select a specific tutor from Available Tutors. Otherwise, to see ALL available tutors, leave as "Select a tutor". 

4. Select the date for your appointment from the calendar (below)

Note: Tutors need time to receive and confirm your appointment. Two hours from the appointment time is the earliest time you can select.

5. Select a time slot or tutor that works for you and click on Select.

Reminder: You must request your appointment at least two hours in advance to give the tutor time to confirm (or not!) the appointment.

6. Almost done! Verify time, time zone, and date. Note: you will be emailed a confirmation. Finally, you must enter your phone number so we can contact you if necessary. Once you've entered your phone number, consider entering NOTES that let the tutor know what you want to work on during the session, please also enter your phone number in the Notes box. Then click on Confirm. Wait for your confirmation email, to make sure the tutor can meet with you.


Appointment Confirmation and How to Attend

  1. You will see a pending confirmation page letting you know that a tutor has been notified of your request
  2. When the tutor confirms your request, you will receive a confirmation email to your smail account
    1. The modality, time, and date of the appointment will be included.
    2. To attend:
      1. Online sessions:
        1. Simply come back to the Online Tutoring Service shortly before your session starts, hover over your name (top right on the page), and click on My Calendar and then on Enter to access the session and the tutor
      2. On-Campus sessions:
        1. Simply show up on the correct campus at the day and time indicated
  2. If you need to cancel a requested appointment in Tutor Match:
    1. Log into Online Tutoring
    2. Click on your Username in the top right corner under the "Logout" button
    3. Select My Calendar 
    4. Click Cancel next to the appointment that you wish to cancel