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Toolkit for TEAS Success

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a part of Rasmussen University's admissions process. TEAS Version 7 is broken down into 4 sections, with 170 questions in total to be answered within 209 minutes:

  • Reading: 45 items (55 minutes)
    • Key ideas and details
    • Craft and structure
    • Integration of knowledge and ideas
  • Math: 38 items (57 minutes)
    • Numbers and algebra
    • Measurement and data
  • Science: ​50 items (60 minutes)
    • Human anatomy and physiology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Scientific reasoning 
  • English and Language Usage: 37 items (37 minutes)
    • Conventions of standard English
    • Knowledge of language
    • Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing

Register for a Nursing Information Session to learn more about Rasmussen's School of Nursing

Rasmussen students can access practice exams through two wonderful resources: SkillSurfer and Learning Express. Be sure to check out both of these resources while you prepare for your TEAS exam.

For help withLive Help TEAS TEAS, set up an appointment with a professional tutor in Live Help! Access Live Help by clicking on "View Course and Institution Tools" and then on "Tutoring" in your Blackboard course. Using the Live Help menu, select Nursing from Topic dropdown menu, then TEAS from the Subject dropdown menu.

TEAS tutoring offered through Live Help can range from something as simple as helping students with their TEAS questions to something more structured through SkillSurfer. Students and tutors can follow a prescribed study plan that gets automatically generated by Brainfuse after they take the TEAS practice test found in SkillSurfer. Students or tutors can then post the practice questions on the whiteboard for a detailed review and students can replay the sessions later for another round of review.