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Weekly Assignment: Drawing Anatomical Structures

Each week, students are asked to submit drawings of  various anatomical structures. These drawings are to be done freehand; tracing or making a copy of an existing picture or illustration will not be accepted.


You have a few options for completing this assignment. You can:

  • Draw the structure on a blank piece of paper, take a picture of the drawing with your cell phone, and paste the image into a Word document.
  • Use the drawing tools in Word to create the drawings.
  • Draw the structure on an iPad using a stylus (if that technology is available), and save it to a Word document.

Flashcards and Interactive Games

Flashcards are a fabulous way to test your knowledge and identify where you may need additional practice.  For tips on how to create and effectively use flashcards, watch the quick 10-minute video below.  For resources to create your own flashcards, click here or check out the links below the video.