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Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Handbook


The following documents provide more information on the program and immunization or certification requirements. 

Clinical Education

Thank you to our Clinical Partners and Instructors for offering your time and energy to help educate our PTA students!
We really appreciate all your hard work.

This Clinical Education tab hosts specific clinical information that may not be in the Program Handbook or is presented differently than in the Handbook.   The PTA Program Handbook is available on this web page's “Program Handbook” tab. This resource intends to help orient you to more specifics related to the clinical education portion of our Program.  This will never replace our regular communication with you!  Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please get in touch with your Clinical Education Coordinator.

The library has eBooks on a variety of physical therapy topics. Some search options include:

The Discovery All-in-One search draws results from a wide variety of databases at once, and contains journals such as:

  • APTA Magazine (formerly PT in Motion)
  • Physical Therapy: Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association
  • PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal
  • Physiotherapy: Theory and Practice
  • and many more!

Additional journals can be found in Health Sciences & Nursing via ProQuest, including:

  • Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal
  • Journal of Physical Therapy Education
  • Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapy in Sport

The video below gives some examples of how to create a search string and refine results, but if you run into any problems, submit an Ask a Librarian ticket.

Physical Therapist Assistant Practice Exams

Learning Express is a free tool available for Rasmussen students to access Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) practice exams and other learning resources.

How do I register for my free Learning Express account?

  • Click here to learn how to register for a Learning Express account.

How do I log into Learning Express to access PTA practice exams?

For a printable version click the link below.

National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE)

The National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) for Physical Therapist Assistants is an essential part of the licensing process. You can see more information about the NPTE at the link below:

Why should I see a tutor or Peer Educator?

Our Peer Educators are Rasmussen students like you, so they are familiar with the student portal, Rasmussen resources, and study strategies to be as academically successful as possible. They can share tips to be more strategic with your time and efforts. Schedule an appointment today!

Click here to connect to Tutor Match within the Tutoring Platform (Brainfuse).

What does a Peer Educator do? How will that benefit me?

Peer Educators:

  • Show students how to balance life’s obligations along with school to be successful in their education and show them the ropes of college life
  • Share strategies that have worked for them and help new students develop their own strategies for:
  • Online course navigation         
  • Test taking strategies
  • Managing time
  • Writing tools & resources
  • Study skills (reading, note taking, studying tips)
  • Research support
  • Balancing family, school, & work
  • APA resources


How do I connect with a Peer Educator?

  • You will make an appointment with a Peer Educator in Tutor Match. 
  • From the Student Portal, select Tutoring under the Resources section. In Tutor Match, choose Peer Educator from the Topic drop down menu and select either Peer Educator-CBE Courses or Peer Educator-Traditional Courses from the Subject drop down menu. 

Click here to connect to Tutor Match within the Tutoring Platform (Brainfuse).

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