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Finding reliable sources for your research is very important.  Many diseases have their own research foundations and websites.  Below are a few useful websites for disease research.  Please also visit the Disease Research box on the Research page of the Health Sciences Guide for additional disease research resources and search tips.

In many of the assignments, you will need to compare lab results from a case study to normal lab results to see if that test is an indicator of disease. These are some useful websites for reading lab test results:

  1. Select 6 sources from your research on your chosen disease.
    1. Prepare APA references on them for your annotated bibliography.
    2. A maximum of 2 sources should come from an online source.  The library databases are not considered an online source.
    3. Beneath each reference, write an annotation.  Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling. 
  2. See the Answer below for help with annotated bibliographies.
  3. Use NoodleTools online software to create the Annotated Bibliography because NoodleTools makes this process (APA reference, formatting, location for writing your annotation, and more) easy!