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AHIMA introduces the new AHIMA Mission and Vision Statements (4/3/19)

AHIMA's Mission:
Empowering people to impact health

AHIMA's Vision:
A world where trusted information transforms health and healthcare by connecting people, systems, and ideas.

AHIMA states “These statements were designed to be bold, to be transformative, and to be inspirational. Together with the AHIMA Board of Directors, we believe they will enhance the value of the HIM profession and position the association as a leader in the future healthcare ecosystem. 

We are excited about this mission and vision statement because:

  • We believe that health information is the most powerful currency for change in the healthcare ecosystem. 
  • We also believe that our mission drives us to create lasting change in the health of the individuals, organizations, and societies around the globe. 
  • We think it is important to reinforce that consumers of healthcare are the ultimate owners and beneficiaries of their own data. 
  • Finally, we wanted to underscore the message that people will always be central in harnessing the power of information to tear down barriers to better health. 

The trusted information in your hands connects our healthcare system and can transform it for the better.

We hope you'll see the importance of your work reflected in the new mission and vision and will share your own stories of where you fit into it. And we hope you will join us in transforming the profession.”

AHIMA: American Health Information Management Association  

(If you are not a resident of one of the states above, check the Component State Associations page on the AHIMA website for the link to your state.)

Looking for a HIM or HIT job? Try the AHIMA Job Board!

Student membership to AHIMA provides students with access to the AHIMA HIM Body of Knowledge database, which contains:

  • professional articles
  • magazine articles
  • scholarly journal articles
  • AHIMA briefs and papers

on health information, electronic health records, regulations, law, ethics, and other HIM/HIT topics.

If you have questions about obtaining a student membership with AHIMA, contact your Program Coordinator.

Now that you have a student membership to AHIMA, what are the benefits?

In addition tthe library access of the resources listed on the previous tab, you now have access to

Career development tools

  • Get access to job descriptions, tools for job searching, and information about salaries and mentoring
  • Understand your goals and the steps to reach them with the Career Prep Workbook 
  • E-newsletters, certification resources, discounted study-prep materials, and more

Connections with the profession

  • Engage in online communities: post questions and comments to network with other students and subject matter experts
  • Get connected with a mentor for guidance, advice, and insight for developing your career
  • Develop leadership skills through the Student Advisory Council