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As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to spread globally, AHIMA’s  highest priority is health and welfare. AHIMA is currently taking proactive measures regarding the delivery of our exams. Please refer to the link below to obtain those measures, and for any updates regarding test delivery information.  

Please continue to check the link below for any additions or changes on a regular basis as you prepare to schedule your exams and prior to taking them.

RHIT Exam Prep - Tips from Students

Additional Resources

Preparation for the AHIMA RHIT Exam Resource

Please note that after 12/30/18, access to one of course e-textbooks used in HIM2652, Electronic Health Records 2nd and 3rd Edition, Richard Gartee, will not be available due to a contract issue between the publisher and author.

Access to another e-text, Integrated Electronic Health Records: A Worktext for Greenway Prime Suite, Beth M. Shanholtzer will continue to be available to you through your Vital Source Bookshelf, for the period designated at the time you received access.  We also recommend that you use Integrated Electronic Health Records: A Worktext for Greenway Prime as a resource in preparing for the AHIMA RHIT Exam, specifically in review for the Domains related to the electronic health record and systems and other healthcare technology.  Please contact your HIT Program Coordinator if you have questions about resources for RHIT Exam preparation.

Meet Successful RHIT Exam Takers- “Tips from those Who Have Done It!”

Archived Sessions

You are invited to listen to online panel discussions featuring HIT graduates who have taken and passed the RHIT Exam.  Learn their methods of preparing successfully to take the RHIT Exam, and listen to informative discussion on the tips and resources which they feel led to their success! 

Questions? Please contact your HIT Program Coordinator.

Student Tips

To best prepare for the Practicum course and the RHIT exam, our Rasmussen HIT tutors suggest that HIT students:

  • Save all their textbooks

    • Keep your physical textbooks

    • Take notes in all your eTextbooks and be sure to print the notes off at the end of the course

  • Save all your notes

  • Save all your course's Power Points 

There is a section on test-taking in the Student Success Guide that you should check out! There, you will find:

  • webinars
  • handouts
  • websites
  • study aids
  • tutoring resources
  • tips from graduates
  • and more!

In addition to the guide, Rasmussen's blog has an article titled "How To Beat College Exam Stress" that might prove helpful.

Additional Resources

1. Quizlet has flashcards for the RHIT exam at

2. In addition to eMaterials from the library, AHIMA puts out two types of online guides for their certification exams: Exam Resources and  Candidate Guide. These are located on the AHIMA homepage, under the Certification tab.

3. During the HIT Capstone course, students will receive the AHIMA RHIT Exam Prep guide. That guide contains an access code for a resource with:

  • three (3) sample RHIT exams
  • flash cards
  • and a learning mode to prepare you for the test.

4. Students may also want to access the Pearson-Vue Testing Center (online) to take their practice exams (link is on the lower right). The practice exams here cost money, but they will allow you to get a feel for how the software functions prior to actually taking the test.

5.  HITNOTS has dozens of free multiple choice review quizzes on HIT topics.

6.  ICD-10 Interactive Self-Learning Tool (World Health Organization)  This tool can be helpful to students/graduates  who have taken ICD9 and want to train independently on ICD 10 or  for students/graduates who have taken ICD10 and want to review again.