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*General Education Courses*

Resources to help with foundation classes like English composition, math, algebra, and introduction to research.

Tutoring & Peer Mentoring

Tutoring Support

Rasmussen students can connect with a Tutor via the Tutoring Service.

  • Brainfuse Help Now
    • ​​Live Help
      • Professional tutors available to help. Some, like algebra tutors, are available 24/7.
    • Writing Lab
      • Get comments on your papers back within 24-36 hours (weekdays).
    • Tutor Match
      • Tutor Match is your connection to all Rasmussen tutors at any campus.
      • Rasmussen student tutors are able to meet with students in any modality (face-to-face, online, or over the phone).
      • Select your subject area and set up a phone, online, or face-to-face appointment with a Rasmussen tutor. 
  • Academic Tools
    • Use Flash Bulb to create, share, and use study aids, like Flash Cards
    • Use SkillSurfer to find tutorials and practice tests. 
  • Collaboration Tools

HEY! There's an app for Brainfuse!

Watch the short videos below for directions on how to connect with tutors for Math, Advanced Statistics, and Writing. 

Peer Educator Support

Rasmussen students can connect with a Peer Educator via the Tutoring Service.

Peer Educators are certified tutors who are trained to show you how to navigate the entire process of being a student while supporting you in a variety of aspects, including those beyond academics.

A Peer Mentor:

  • Has been exactly where you are right now
  • Shares the expectations that lay ahead
  • Provides tips that save you time and effort
  • Speaks directly to your concerns of the unknown
  • Recommends regular touch points to gauge progress and stay on track

To see what courses have Peer Mentors, click here

There are also Peer Mentors available for New Students. 

New Student Peer Mentors:

  • Show new students how to balance life's obligations along with school to be successful in their education and show them the ropes of college life
  • Share strategies that have worked for them and help new students develop their own strategies for:
    • Navigation online courses
    • Managing time effectively
    • Effective reading, note taking, studying, and test-taking
    • Proper channels of communication

In short, a New Student Peer Educator can show new students what it takes to be a successful student. 

Watch this short video for directions on how to connect with a New Student Peer Educator: