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Humanities: Description and Student Learning Outcomes


Humanities is the study of human culture and expression around the globe.  In Humanities, students will demonstrate understanding and application of knowledge that provides a historical glimpse into a broader human perspective.  Courses in this category provide students with learning experiences that include gaining knowledge of the arts and developing a global outlook.

Describe how human expression and the arts reflect a universal experience in order to gain a global perspective.

Analyze the arts and human expression to gain a diverse and broad worldview.


The Rasmussen University Online Library has a lot of different ways for you to find sources for your research. Check out our video series for more information about getting the most out of the online library, including information about:

Beginning a research project can be overwhelming! Consider following these steps to get your research assignment rolling!

Library Databases: Humanities

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eBook Databases: Humanities

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Build an APA Tool Kit

  • Watch APA Quick Start for an overview of the APA citation style 
  • Download a copy of the pre-formatted APA paper template to use for all of your APA assignment. 
  • Print out a copy of the APA Sample Paper to use as a model for you APA assignments.
  • Use the APA Paper Checklist as you review your paper before submitting for a grade.
  • Consider making an appointment with an APA tutor for assistance with this citation style.
  • Create an account in NoodleTools and use it to create your References list.
  • Consult the APA Guide to find answers to your APA questions, then bookmark it for easy access.


Use Writing Resources for a Polished Paper

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