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Resources to help with foundation classes like English composition, math, algebra, and introduction to research.


Welcome to the Advanced Composition page!

Explore this guide to find specific resources to assist you with both your English Composition I course and your English Composition II course. To find more general resources, visit the English Composition homepage to the left. 

If you have questions of comments about this guide, please contact Suzanne Schriefer, Librarian for the Schools of Early Childhood Education and General Education, or Tammy Hopps, Learning Services Coordinator for the Schools of Early Childhood Education and General Education. 

English Composition I Research Project

Watch the video below for help with the English Composition I Research Project: 

*Note: If you select the topic of Mandatory or Voluntary Vaccines, it is recommended that you do not focus on the link to autism. Please see the following articles for more information on why this controversial topic has recently been disproven: Vaccines are not associated with autism & The autism-vaccine myth.

Databases recommended in this video:

Types of Writing

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The Writing Process

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Writing Organization

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Writing Help

Access The Writing Guide by clicking here:

The Writing Guide provides assistance with all the various writing assignments that you may encounter while in college. In the Writing Guide you will find step-by-step instructions that will help with the writing process along with beneficial resources. Below you will find all the writing topics that are highlighted within the Guide. Click a link to be taken to that specific page within the Guide.

Access Grammarly by clicking here:

Grammarly is a software you can use to check your papers for spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing mechanics, and even plagiarism.

Access The Writing Lab by clicking here:

The Writing Lab is available through your online courses. You can submit papers to the writing for feedback from a professional tutor. Feedback is provided within 24 hours of submission.

Access The APA Guide by clicking here:

Use the APA Guide to find help with formatting, creating in-text citations, and references. It is recommended that you start by watching the short navigational video on the homepage. 

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