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Resources to help with foundation classes like English composition, math, algebra, and introduction to research.

Writing Basics

Elements of a Basic Sentence

A sentence is composed of a subject (a noun or noun phrase) and predicate (a verb or verb phrase) that expresses a complete thought.



Common questions about sentence construction:

Selections from the Online Library:

Selections from the Online Library

Punctuation Basics

Punctuation to end sentences:

  • Period - Ends most sentences
    • I took the exam yesterday.
  • Question mark - Ends direct questions
    • When will the exam be offered?
  • Exclamation point - Ends emphatic sentences
    • I aced the exam!

Punctuation often found within sentences:

Other common punctuation marks:

Selections from the Online Library

Consult these ebooks to find solutions to your grammar questions.

The Writing Process