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English Language Learning (ELL) Resources

This guide provides resources to support writing, reading, and skill building.


Tips for Reading

  • Vocabulary--Vocabulary are the words or terms of language. In order to make sense of the text being read, one must understand individual words within the text. This applies when one is learning the language of a certain career field (like nursing, for example).  It also applies when learning another language, like English.  
    • Click here for information about how to build your vocabulary.
    • Using flash cards helps in understanding what words mean and it improves understanding of the overall text.  Click here to learn how to make flashcards.  
  • Taking notes--Taking notes helps in learning information for a course and in learning the language.
    • ‚ÄčClick here to learn about various note taking methods.
  • Tutor support--Work with a tutor for help with reading comprehension and reading strategies.  Make an appointment by following these instructions.  Select Topic: Success Skills then Subject: Reading Comprehension on the drop down lists. 

Check out the video below for tips on how to improve your reading comprehension.  

Reading Basics