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Explorations I: Knowledge - 5.5 Weeks

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Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Standards in Early Childhood Education

Role of Standards

  • Program Standards
  • Licensing Standards
  • Professional Standards
  • Learning Standards

Locating state child care licensing rules and regulations

  • Child care facilities are licensed and regulated by the state in which they operate.  This FAQ provides tips on how to locate your state childcare regulations.

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Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Learning


Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Selection from the Online Library

Child Development: Selections from the Online Library

APA Quick Start Tool Kit

New to the APA Citation Style?  Follow these steps to begin learning the basics:

1. Watch the APA Quick Start Video.

2. Download a copy of the APA Paper Template and watch this video to learn how to use it for all of your APA assignments.

3. View the APA Sample Paper to see an example of an APA paper; be sure to read the helpful tips in the colored boxes.

4. Navigate to the APA Guide and bookmark it for easy reference. This guide contains information about:

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Play within Our Everyday Routines and Activities

Importance of Play: Selections from the Online Library

Transitions: Selection from the Online Library

Whole Child: Selections from the Online Library

Nurturing Positive Relationships, Interactions, and Environments

Positive Relationships, Interactions, Environments: Selections from the Online Library

Journal Articles

Engaging in Positive, Professional Communications

Communicating with Parents: Selections from the Online Library

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Diversity and Cultural Appropriateness in Early Childhood Education

Diversity and Inclusion: Selections from the Online Library

Reflective Practice

View the video below for an introduction to "reflective practice" in education.

Getting Started with the APA Citation Style

Watch this video for a quick overview of the APA citation style.

Writing Resources

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