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Career Services

Your Career Services Advisor is here to assist you with any professional development-related needs you may have. This can include resume review, mock interview practice, job search strategy, industry knowledge, and coaching support. The Career Services Advisor also connects graduates with opportunities posted by potential employers when possible and works to build positive relationships with employers in the community to advocate for Rasmussen Graduates. Career Services support is available throughout your career – be sure to frequently connect with your Career Services Advisor to update them on your current needs.


ECE Careers

Education careers are expected to grow rapidly throughout the next decade. The below guide spotlights leading education careers to help you determine which career is right for you.

Click here to explore the Education Career Outlook Guide!

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Career Descriptions

From the Rasmussen Online Library:

Resume Resources

Hiration is a versatile and user-friendly online platform for job search management. It provides industry-specific templates to help you create and customize your resume, providing instant feedback on how to improve your profile. You can access Hiration at


                Screenshot of Create a New Resume page with listin

Not sure how to get started? Once you've started a resume, portfolio, or cover letter, look for the Help icon at the top right of the menu, and select 'Product Tour,' 'FAQ,' or 'Video Help' for more information about using the builder.

See Hiration in action by viewing the tutorial below:

Examples of ECE Resumes

View the examples of well-written resumes by clicking in the link below:

Cover Letter Resources

A cover letter’s purpose is to connect and motivate the reader with your interest in the position for which you are applying. Your letter should be concise and complement your resume, not duplicate.  This is a good place to explain why you are a good fit, list a few soft skills, name connections or personal referrals to the company, etc.  Keep it simple and professional.  Cover letters are not as commonly used today as they have been in the past but employers still see the value, so be prepared. You can create a cover letter using Hiration at


sample cover letter with formatting instructions

Interview Preparation Resources

Come to the interview confident and prepared! Interviewers will expect you to have done your research and be familiar with their company. Learn about the company and industry by using the library databases. You'll find information about: company history, key executives, financials, number of employees, competitors, and much more! Additionally, explore various sections of the company's website, and come prepared with intelligent questions and watch the video below about how to master the interview.

Job Connect

Job Connect is Rasmussen's very own job board where the employers we connect with on a day-to-day basis in Career Services post positions specifically for Rasmussen students and alumni.  You can access Job Connect at and download the "Simplicity Jobs and Careers" app on your phone or tablet.  Within Job Connect there are additional features such as Resume Books and Counseling, where you can schedule an appointment with your Career Services Advisor.  Downloading the app is easy; for Apple, go to the App Store and for Android, go to the Google Play store.  Search for "Simplicity Jobs and Careers" and download the app.

There is a second search option on the website to review careers posted through NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers).  Click the down arrow on Jobs, located on the left side and you will see "NACElink Extended Job Search."

Resume Books are active and organized by program of study.  To participate, click on the drop-down arrow under "Documents" located along the left-hand column in Job Connect.  Choose "Approved" and add a new document.  Now that your resume is loaded, click on "Opt-In Books."  Click on the green box "Add Resume" to allow employers to view your resume.  It is highly recommended that you contact your Career Services Advisor for a resume review prior to uploading.

If you have not already registered, the process is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on "Student/Alumni"

3. Click on "Register" (it is free)

4. Fill out your profile information

5. Your registration will be reviewed within 24 – 48 business hours of submission

6. Once your registration is accepted, be sure to upload a copy of your resume

7. When your registration is complete you can login to the database to search jobs posted at Rasmussen University and across the country

Job Search

Looking for a job?  You'll find great information in the Ethics and Professionalism Guide! 

Are you ready for your interview?  Here are some tips that can help you show your best self.

Be prepared

  • Do some research ahead of time about the organization to which you are applying.  Know its Mission Statement, the specifics about the position, and the overall goals.  This will help you with the interview questions and it will also let you know if you are a good fit for the organization. 
  • Practice answering questions with someone.  Write up some common questions you think an employer would ask and have a family member or friend do a mock interview with you. You'll feel silly at first, but it will help you feel more comfortable when the real interview takes place.  Practicing will also help you lesson anxiety. 
  • Check any technology ahead of time.  Many interviews take place via the internet or over the phone.  Check to make sure everything works before your interview begins.  The last thing you need are technical issues when you are trying to impress a future boss.

Look the part 

  • Question: My interview is over the internet.  Do I still need to dress professionally?
  • Answer: YES, YES, YES!!!
  • Why: 
    • Whether you are meeting face-to-face or via webcam, employers pay attention to what you look like because the way you dress and your non-verbal communication gives them insight about your future job performance.
    • Dressing the part will help boost your confidence because you can envision yourself in that job position. This will lead you to do a better job answering the interview questions.

Follow up

  • Your following up with the person with whom you interviewed shows that you are truly interested in the position.  It also gives that person a glimpse into how you will follow through with possible future job duties.  Remember that you want to do things that will put you ahead of the other people who interviewed. 


Trade places...YOU are the boss and you need to hire someone for your organization. 

What would you suggest to these future job candidates?

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