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Bachelor's Students

Here you are again...back in school.  Whether you are continuing after recently completing your Associate's degree or are returning to school after many years away, you are in the right place to begin this new leg of your journey!

Some things may have changed since you were in school last time.  Technology may have advanced, classroom locations may either be traditionally on-ground or now online, and communication styles may be a bit different with email, texting, and social media. 

Regardless of what is new, some things remain the same.  You are a learner.  You've been a successful learner and you can be again.  This page is meant as a brush up and confidence builder just for you!

Tips for success:

  • Get organized, prioritize, and make a master schedule to manage your time.
  • Get familiar with your online courses.  Dive in, click and explore.  The more you familiarize yourself with the layout and where to find things, the easier it will be.
  • Know what resources are available and how to find them.

Top 5 List for Success:

  1. Make an appointment with a tutor.  Here's how 
  2. Attend the webinar geared toward getting a strong start that is offered the week before and the first week of the term.  You can also watch the archive recordings.
  3. Get to know others in your classes.  Form a study pair/group.
  4. Be proactive.  Stay on track and do things ahead of time of you can (e.g. read the chapters on Monday if you can rather than putting it off until Thursday).  
  5. Reach out for help when you need it, as soon as you need it.  You know that some struggle is a normal part of the learning process, but feeling overwhelmed is something you want to avoid.  If you start to feel overwhelmed reach out to your Advisor and /or make an appointment with a tutor.   

Helpful Resources

Student Success Guide:  This guide has many resources that are designed to improve every student's learning experience.  You'll find shortcuts to resources you'll need. Included are: peer tutoring, time management tips, test-taking tips, and more.

Webinar Guide:  This is where you can see a calendar of all of the upcoming webinars.  You'll also have access to webinar recordings (the archives) to watch when you have time.  Check out the topics and see what you need. 

Writing Guide:  Need a refresher on writing a paper?  Not sure what a good discussion post looks like?  This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to do your assignments.

APA Guide:  If you're not familiar with it, APA formatting is something you'll get better at as you do it.  The APA Guide has everything you'll need for proper APA formatting.

Answers FAQ Database:  You can 'ask questions' using the search box and get helpful answers.

School of Education Guide: You're actually in the School of Education Guide now--this page is a part of that guide.  You can find education specific resources here as well as well as information about careers and professional organizations,