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Diversity & Teamwork: Age

General Education Committee Guide on Diversity & Teamwork

Age and Culture

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Huffington Post (Ed.). (2014, February 25). 7 Cultures that celebrate aging and respect their elders. Retrieved from 

Age Related Websites

Age-Related Multimedia

Fonda, J. (2012, January 4). Life's third act [Video file]. Retrieved from 

Visit NPR (National Public Radio) to listen to The Next Greatest Generation? podcast.   Listen as host, Guy Raz, talks with TED speakers searching to define themselves and their generation. 

NPR, & TED (Producers). (2013, September 6). The next greatest generation? TED radio hour. Podcast retrieved from 

Click the blue link above, then click "Listen to Full Show" when on the NPR webpage.

Millenials in the Workforce

The Millennial Takeover Infographic

Red Tree Leadership. (2012, August 2). The millennial takeover. Retrieved from