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General Education Committee Guide on Diversity & Teamwork

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What are Diversity and Teamwork?

             The term “diversity” is used in personnel decisions of many businesses, government agencies, and schools to justify selecting members of underrepresented groups. The term has never acquired a precise meaning, however, and could be applied to select disabled persons, homosexuals, ethic groups, or any group not represented among existing employees at a job site or among students at an educational institution. In general, the term has assumed positive connotations, suggesting everything from tolerance to cultural pluralism.

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Teamwork is defined as collaboration by a group of people to achieve a common purpose. Teamwork is often a feature of day-today working, and is increasingly used to accomplish specific projects, in which case it may bring together people from different functions, departments, or disciplines. A team should ideally consist of people with complementary skills.

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Diversity Wheel

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Diversity and Teamwork Keynote video

Thought Diversity in the Workplace

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Teams Accomplish Things Individual Can't

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The Diversity of Ideas: Memes & Temes

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