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What is Communication

Communication is defined by Rasmussen University as “Displaying competence in writing, reading, and oral communication; understanding of non-verbal language.” What does this mean? Communication involves being able to express an idea clearly through written, verbal, and nonverbal means or media. To be successful in this expression, the message must have a purpose and appeal to an audience.   Other features may be involved to help impart the message including appropriate selection of visual aids, specific and clear word choice, effective body language, and accurate punctuation and grammar. Successful communication occurs when the message is received and understood the way the person intended it to be. Overall, the key to effective communication is to engage the audience and successfully convey the message.

Communication Steps


Click the link here to see classroom activities centered on written communication, verbal communication, and nonverbal communication.

Classroom Activities

The Power of Powerless Communication

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First Impressions

Trudeau, M. (2014, May 5). You had me at hello: The science behind first impressions [Audioblog post]. Retrieved from

Wearable Communication

TED. (2011, March). Kate Hartman: The art of wearable communication [Video file]. Retrieved from

10 Great Ted Talks on Communication

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