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CBE Student Guide

CBE Basics

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CBE Course Basics

Am I enrolled in a CBE course?

The My Academic Plan that will be provided to you by your Advisor will indicate which CBE courses you'll automatically be enrolled to take. CBE courses are identified with the letters "CBE" at the end of the course code, as pictured. When it comes time to confirm your schedule, you will also notice that CBE courses are listed with a "Competency" delivery method. See the "How to Log In" tab above for more on accessing your classes.

Begin by Submitting the Learning Plan

You will find a short, ungraded assignment that you must complete in order to begin your CBE course. The learning plan task requires you to review the skills and competencies you will be learning in the course and select one to explain its relevance in the real world. 

Deadlines and Attendance

There are no due dates for individual course project deliverables, but you must follow the Rasmussen University 14-day attendance policy in addition to completing and submitting all of your work by the end of the quarter. Activities that constitute attendance in CBE courses include: 

  • Submission of the learning plan
  • Submission of the diagnostic assessment in each module
  • Submission of the live or archived classroom session quiz
  • Submission of course project deliverables

Live Classroom

Attend the first week’s ONL+ live classroom to meet your instructional faculty and learn more about how to be successful in a CBE course.

Course Project Deliverables and Rubrics

Review the grading rubric for each course project deliverable to understand how your work will be assessed. Submit your work for grading as you complete each of the seven deliverables and remember:

  • You must earn a 2 or higher on each deliverable to pass the course.
  • You have the option of submitting each course project deliverable three times.