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CBE Student Guide

CBE Basics

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Attend your courses regularly.

There are no due dates for individual course project deliverables, but you must follow the Rasmussen University 14-day attendance policy in addition to completing and submitting all of your work by the end of the quarter. Activities that constitute attendance in CBE courses include: 

  • Submission of the learning plan (*required to unlock your course content)
  • Submission of the diagnostic assessment in each module
  • Submission of the live or archived classroom session quiz
  • Submission of course project deliverables


Manage Your Time Wisely

The flexibility of competency-based education is one of its greatest benefits as well as one of its challenges: Intentional planning and responsive time management strategies are key learner responsibilities in CBE courses. Meet with a Peer Educator for expert advice from a fellow student on how to get it all done, whether you're taking exclusively CBE courses or a mix of traditional and CBE courses. 



Refer to the grading rubric for each deliverable before you submit it for grading.

  • Assignments in CBE courses are known as deliverables. 
  • You must earn a 2 or higher on each deliverable to pass the course.
  • You have the option of submitting each course project deliverable three times.  

Make the most of multiple submissions.

  • Participate in your live classroom sessions to get clarification on assignment expectations directly from your faculty.
  • Evaluate your work against the corresponding rubric criteria to see how well you have demonstrated mastery in each area.
  • Don't let allow a fear of failure to stop you from attempting and submitting an assignment. Multiple attempts are an advantage. 
  • Read your grading feedback carefully and use it to hone your skills even if you do not resubmit your deliverable.
  • Budget enough time for grading to allow you an opportunity to make edits and resubmit your assignment.
  • Not sure what do to with your feedback? Connect with your instructor for clarification of their expectations, and work with a peer tutor or the Writing Lab for individualized assistance. 


Use grading feedback to deepen your understanding and improve your grade.

  • Learning is iterative. Resist the fear of failing a deliverable and instead let your grading feedback guide your learning.
  • Multiple submissions and rich feedback set the CBE learning experience apart; take full advantage!


Attend your live classrooms to make the most of the CBE learning experience.

  • Attend your ONL+ live classroom sessions for valuable time with your instructor and classmates.
  • Refer back to the recorded lectures as you study and draft your deliverables. 

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