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CBE Student Guide

Essential Learning Habits for CBE

Invest an hour with an experienced Rasmussen University student who can help you start strong and plan an effective approach to the learning experience ahead of you. Tutoring and mentoring services are available to you at no additional cost. Choose your own path from the options below:

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Read on for more tools and resources to help you plan your approach and assess progress as you manage your workflow.



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Effective January 2018, you may attempt each deliverable a maximum of three times. Make the most of faculty feedback when you take advantage of the additional submissions option in your CBE courses:


Participate in your live classroom sessions, and ask your instructional faculty member clarifying questions. Keep in mind that your instructional faculty will likely point out key course content that you will need to understand for your deliverables.

Review the rubric for each deliverable so that you know how you are expected to demonstrate competence, proficiency, or mastery of course concepts, and evaluate your work against the rubric prior to submitting.​


Read the grading feedback from your assessment faculty carefully, and determine whether or not to make edits and resubmit. Even if you do not take advantage of the additional submission option, review faculty feedback carefully so that you can take what you learn and apply it in other deliverables and courses. 



Allow for adequate grading turnaround time as you progress through the course. Keep in mind that although you control your pace, submitting a high volume of work too close to the end of the term may impact your ability to make edits that may be essential to your successful completion of the course.



Not sure you understand the grading feedback? Connect with the instructional faculty in your course, and consider working with a student tutor in Tutor Match for individualized assistance.


Read on for more tools and resources to help you refine your critical thinking skills and leverage effective problem solving strategies.

Read on for more information on improving your reading comprehension.