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Rasmussen University Online Library
Rasmussen University Online Library

Course Materials

Embedded Course Materials

Most of the eTextbooks for courses are located on the VitalSource eTextbook platform, but there are some that may be embedded within the course. FlatWorld Knowledge,  Bridgepoint (Thuze) Education, and OpenStax College are some of the  types of embedded eTextbooks. 


If the eTextbook is not located on VitalSource it may be embedded right in the course. Follow the steps below to look for the embedded eTextbook or other embedded required materials. 

1. Scroll to the bottom of the course page and select the arrow on the right side of the Course Materials Folder to access the eTextbook. 


2. Select the eText to view the eTextbook for the course. 


3. The eTextbook may have linked chapters ready to read in each Module.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the module to access the linked eTextbooks chapters. 

How can I use highlighting and note taking in the e Textbooks?

The embedded e Textbooks within each course are powered by VitalSource and will open up in a new web browser tab.

Follow these steps to access your e Textbook.

Open your course and scroll down to the Course Materials folder and click on it. It will open and reveal your embedded e Textbook. Select the eText to open your textbook up in another browser tab.



To highlight text within your e Textbook you will select the text you would like to highlight and then right click over the selected text. Once you have right clicked a box will appear. At the top of the box, there are colored circles, and you will select the color you want to be your highlighter.



Once you have chosen the color you would like to use it will highlight your text as you see here.




To note take you will need to select the text you would like to create a note for and right click the text to reveal a box. Once the box is revealed, select “Add Note”.




When you select “Add Note” a textbox will open on the right side of the e Textbook. Add your note and then select the checkmark to confirm you have finished your note and you would like it saved or select the “x” to delete and erase the note.




After you have confirmed your note and saved it a “textbox icon” will appear on the right side of the e Textbook showing you have saved a note. To view the note, select the “textbox icon”.




Additional Information:

When you open your e Textbook from your course it will look similar to the following image.




Select the icon with a star on the top right of the textbook and it will reveal a “Workbook”. The “Workbook” saves the information you highlight, the notes you take, the bookmarks you create, as well as flash cards.




Once you have opened the “Workbook” you will be able to select your current highlighter colors and notes icons. By selecting the various highlighter colors and notes icons it allows you to view all of the information from the e Textbook you have previously highlighted and took notes on. To erase all of your highlights and notes select “Clear”.




Select the “+” for additional options.




The “+” reveals the additional options for display, sharing, and highlighting. To remove a current highlighter, you will need to select the “Remove” option. To add additional highlighter colors, select “Add New Highlighter”.




Select “Export” to save or print your highlights & notes.




When you select “Export” your highlights & notes will appear in the following format. You then have the ability to “Print” your highlights & notes or “Save as PDF”.