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APA 6th Edition Guide

Multiple Authors

Use the chart below for creating in-text citations for sources with multiple authors

Type of Citation First Citation In-Text Subsequent Citations In-Text First End-of-Sentence (Parenthetical) Citation Subsequent End-of-Sentence Citations

One  author  

Smith (2012)  Smith (2012)   (Smith, 2012) (Smith, 2012)
Two authors    Smith and Miller (2012) Smith and Miller (2012) (Smith & Miller, 2012) (Smith & Miller, 2012)
Three authors Smith, Miller, and Thornton (2012) Smith et al. (2012) (Smith, Miller & Thornton, 2012) (Smith et al., 2012)
Four authors Reed, Lisack, Solsrud, and Buettner (2011) Reed et al. (2011) (Reed, Lisack, Solsrud, & Buettner, 2011) (Reed et al., 2011)
Five authors Willemssen, Reed, Lisack, Solsrud, and Buettner (2011) Willemssen et al. (2011) (Willemssen, Reed, Lisack, Solsrud, & Buettner, 2011)  (Willemssen et al., 2011)
Six or more authors Sellick et al. (2013) Sellick et al. (2013) (Sellick et al., 2013) (Sellick et al., 2013)
Group authors with readily identifiable abbreviations American Medical Association (AMA, 2013) AMA (2013) (American Medical Association [AMA], 2013) (AMA, 2013)
Group authors without abbreviations Rasmussen University (2014) Rasmussen University (2014)   (Rasmussen University, 2014) (Rasmussen University, 2014)


The above table is based on a table from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition (p. 177) by the American Psychological Association, 2010, Washington, D.C.: Author.