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Getting Started

Meet with a Tutor

What Type of Tutoring is Available?

  • New Student Mentoring
    • Because we've all been there, meet with a tutor who can show you around the learning experience and all of the academic resources available to you at Rasmussen University. 
  • Academic Skills Tutoring
    • Sometimes, getting unstuck has nothing to do with course content and everything to do with the approach. Beyond course subjects, our tutors focus on various critical academic skill areas. 
  • Course Tutoring
    • Get targeted support for disciplinary concepts by exact course title match.  Not seeing your course? Meet with an Academic Skills tutor in the topic area closest to your need. 

We cannot guarantee a tutor in all subject areas or classes, but we prioritize coverage in high-demand courses.

Online Learning & Academic Skills

Online Learning

As you embark on your virtual learning journey, it's important to familiarize yourself with your virtual learning environment. If you need assistance accessing your course materials, taking a course tour, or navigating the various tools and resources (such as email or Microsoft) available to you, we got you covered!

Visit our Learning Services page for more resources on this topic and more!

Academic Skills

Academic skills are crucial for success in higher education. These skills include reading comprehension, time management, study strategies, and test preparation. Academic skills enable students to understand, analyze, and communicate effectively. It takes time and practice to develop these skills, but they are essential for success in coursework, research, and future careers.

Visit our Learning Services page for resources on this topic and more!