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Type Studies

25 Best Examples of Font Combinations 

Find Great Font Combinations 

Typographical Twins: 20 perfect font pairings 


Color Studies


Typography in 10 Minutes


Global Typography



What makes an Infographic Truly Effective?


Narrate the Story:

Data visualization should be visually stimulating and cohesive, telling your story through engaging graphics. Make sure you introduce your topic first, next guide the viewer through the data, and end it with a solid and clear conclusion.

What's your Hook? 

Your main goal is to persuade the viewer that your data matters to them. Give them that Aha! moment and ensure it is the focal point of your design (either in the center or at the end) Remember that size hierarchy in visuals is extremely effective at implying importance.

Graphics Matter Most:

You can wow your audience with great typography but ensure to balance the visualized datasets as mutual key players in your composition.

Headline Hierarchy:

Use creativity when naming your headlines or titles. This is also a great opportunity to use typographic hierarchy to guide your reader through the layout.

Sketch the Thumbnails:

As you sketch out various compositions, keep in mind visuals, typographic pairing, and an appropriate color palette.

Key Takeaways

Percentages can always be visualized with creative pie charts; numerical values in a set can usually be turned into a unique bar graph; and when numbers don't fit on a consistent scale, you might be able to visualize them in a diagram.

3 color palette for your layout is best.

Proper typographic pairing matters.

Never use white for your background.


Typographic Excellence: (Artists)

Milton Glaser

Chip Kid

Jan Tschichold Typographic Biography

The Design Process


Determine your objectives: who, what, when, where, why

Do some visual inspiration research on the Internet. Find a style(s) that matches your objectives. Always start with hand-drawn thumbnails: never design on the computer first.


The 20 Best Magazine Covers of 2013

Magazine Covers: Inspiration Set

Magazine Cover Art Inspiration

Beginners Guide To Magazine Cover Design

Tips for setting up your magazine covers (InDesign)


Remember to set the margins and bleeds

Use margins & guides: because grid-based design works

Only work with high-resolution images (or vectors!)

Do not forget to customize your typefaces & colors


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