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Setting Up for Success!

Where are the Adobe Creative Cloud applications? 

If your course requires any Adobe Creative Cloud applications you will receive an invitation from Adobe's Creative Cloud in your Rasmussen University email account. 

For more information please reach out to your instructor for assistance. 

Getting Ready for Your Courses

Computer Basics

How do I get access to Microsoft Office? All Rasmussen students are provided a free download of Microsoft Office Suite when they begin their courses. The suite includes Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and more. Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office are emailed to students via their student email (SMAIL) shortly after their first day of class(es). To obtain Microsoft Office please go to and watch the video that correlates to your computer system. You may also view the handouts listed above. 

*Please note: Chromebooks and iPads are not supported*

Can I install Microsoft Office on more than one computer? Yes! Your product key (which you will find in your SMAIL) can normally be used three times. For example, if you download your Microsoft Office Suite onto two computers, you will have one more download available. This is helpful in the event a computer crashes or you purchase a new computer. 

 If you have any difficulty downloading and/or installing Microsoft Office Suite, please contact the Personal Support Center (PSC) at 866-693-2211.  The PSC team is available 24/7. 

Rasmussen University offers two great tools included in your tuition, to help you familiarize yourself with your computer and Microsoft Office software tools: Learning Express & Skill Surfer 

Learning Express provides instruction and video tutorials in the below computer areas and is a very valuable place to start, regardless of your experience level. Under Popular Software Tools for example, each Microsoft Office tool (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.) has basic, intermediate, and advanced tutorials.  

Registering for Learning Express is quick and easy.  Click here for instructions and then begin exploring! 

Skill Surfer offers step by step instruction for four Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook) under the Computers & Technology topic and is organized by beginner, intermediate, and advanced content. It is a great resource for quick reference (i.e. saving documents, formatting text, etc.) regardless of experience level. Skill Surfer is available within our tutoring platform and is only a couple of clicks away! Click here for information on how to access Skill Surfer. 


Strong typing speed and accuracy is a great time saver but developing these skills can take a bit of practice. Why not make it fun? Included in your tuition is access to Typing Quest: An interactive tool which helps you develop typing skills through games and fun exercises. Even just 10 minutes a day can make a difference in your skill level. 

Click here for quick instructions on accessing Typing Quest and get started today! 


These are the technical requirements necessary for your online courses to run properly. Please note, some courses require the use of software that is not Mac compatible. If you use a Mac, you may need to attend a campus, use a PC, or run the software in Windows emulation mode in order to complete some required course activities and assignments. 

Basic Device Requirements

A fully functional Windows computer or Mac computer capable of running a Windows virtual machine is required. 

  • ChromeBooks, Android devices, tablets, & mobile phones are not recommended.
  • An Internet downstream connection speed of 2 Mbps or higher is strongly recommended.
Windows Mac
Processor - Intel Core i3 or higher Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3 or higher
Memory – 4GB of RAM or higher Memory – 4GB of RAM or higher
OS – Windows 7 or higher OS – Mac OS X v10.7  or newer
Disk Space – at least 100MB available Virtual Machine – ability to run Windows 7 using Bootcamp

Web Browser Requirements

Firefox (the current version or up to 2 releases behind), is the preferred browser and will work best for most students and academic technology. 

The following web browsers are formally supported and tested:

  • With PCs running Windows OS:
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer version 9 or 10
    • Google Chrome
  • With Macs running OS X:
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox

For an expanded list of technical requirements and recommendations, please visit the Student Portal and under Resources, select Personal Support Center. You may also call the Personal Support Center, available 24/7, if you have specific questions regarding these requirements at 866-693-2211.