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Popular Reference Ebooks

Association for Supply Chain Management

Membership Benefits

  • student programs
  • career resources
  • resources and webinars
  • Exam content access
  • local chapters participation

Membership Fees

Visit the Membership page for membership dues information.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

Membership Information

Members network with one another and improve supply chain management skills. Members develop, advance, and share their supply chain knowledge and research.

Membership Fees

Visit the student membership page for membership dues information.

Warehousing Education & Resource Council (WERC)

Membership Benefits

  • Educational events
  • Performance metrics for benchmarking
  • Practical research
  • Expert insights
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange

Membership Fees

Visit the membership page for membership dues information.

Institute of Supply Management (ISM)

Membership Benefits

  • subscription to Supply Management magazine
  • full access to the ISM website with searchable databases and employment opportunities & CAPS Research reports

Membership Fees

Visit the membership page for membership dues information.

Intermodal Association of North America (IANA)

Membership Benefits

  • education
  • networking
  • events
  • innovation
  • communication
  • discounts on IANA's products, programs, and services

Membership Fees

Visit the membership page for membership dues information.

Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

Membership Benefits

  • subscription to Target magazine
  • Member rates for all AME events - webinars, workshops, tours and roundtables
  • networking opportunities
  • Attendance at the AME Annual Conference

Membership Fees

Visit the membership page for membership dues information.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Bachelor Completer Internship (Track 1)

The School of Business offers students the option to choose between Track I (Internship) or Track II (Capstone course) for Supply Chain and Logistics Management Bachelor Completer students who live in: Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Internships are offered once a year, during the fall quarter.

Students who are interested in pursuing Track I (Internship) should:

1) Connect with their Advisor or Supply Chain and Logistics Management Department Chair, Dr. Jenny Ekern, approximately two quarters prior to being scheduled to take the Capstone course to express interest in pursuing an Internship rather than the Capstone course

2) Discuss Internship option with Department Chair, Dr. Jenny Ekern

3) Locate and secure their internship site

4) Reach out to the Department Chair, Dr. Jenny Ekern, with information about the internship site so that the Department Chair can generate a contract for the internship site to sign. Getting an early start is important, as the contracting process may require weeks to complete.

Securing an Internship

Make sure your resume is up to date and ready to go. Treat an internship as an extended working interview. There is no guarantee that your internship will lead to an offer for a permanent role, but employers sometimes hire interns. You are welcome to submit your resume for review through Hiration at any time.

Search high and low. Internships are sometimes posted on websites such as Indeed and Rasmussen’s employment portal, Job Connect. Job Connect is Rasmussen University’s job board where employers post internships and job openings specifically for Rasmussen Students and Alumni. Use the link below to access Job Connect, and download the “Simplicity Jobs and Careers” app on your phone or tablet.

Not all internship opportunities are posted online. Research employer websites and call directly even if you don’t see anything posted. When you reach out, introduce yourself as a Rasmussen University student (provide anticipated graduation date) and let them know what you are requesting.

New Ebooks

Cover art for The Digital Transformation of Logistics

The Digital Transformation of Logistics

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is predicted to transform Logistics and Supply Chain Management, with delivery systems becoming automated, smart networks created everywhere, and data being collected and analyzed universally. The Digital Transformation of Logistics: Demystifying Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution provides a holistic overview of this vital subject clouded by buzz, hype, and misinformation.

Cover art for The New (Ab)Normal

The New (Ab)Normal

In his new book, The New (Ab)Normal, MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi maps how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted business, supply chains, and society. He exposes the critical role supply chains play in helping people, governments, and companies to manage the crisis.

Cover art for Smar and Sustainable Supply Chain and Logistics

Smart and Sustainable Supply Chain and Logistics - Trends, Challenges, Methods and Best Practices

This book discusses the critical contemporary issues of sustainability and integration of physical and information flow. It explores the digitalization of logistics processes and the need for a more integrated and a seamless cooperation in supply chain management, which are dominant trends in business practice.

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