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American Marketing Association (AMA)

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member can move your career forward by connecting you with marketing knowledge, high quality training, the latest tools and tactics, exposure to leading-edge thinking and unparalleled peer networking.

Being a member of the AMA give you access to 70+ professional chapters across the U.S., Canada, & Mexico.

Membership Fees

Visit the AMA Membership page for student membership dues information.

Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI)

Membership Benefits

  • Online forums
  • Educational webinars
  • Peer connections/networking
  • Conferences including the Sales & Marketing Leadership Conference
  • Educational video library
  • Online marketing courses like the SMEI Certified Professional Marketer or the SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson course

Membership Fees

Visit the SMEI site for membership dues information.

Social Media Club

Membership Includes

  • Job listings
  • Business directory
  • Best practice for promoting strong ethical behavior online and reaching an audience online
  • Free or discounted attendance to SMC hosted events & partner events
  • Special invitations to professional member-only events
  • Programs hosted by industry leading practitioners to stay current on emerging trends, share best practices, and make new contacts
  • Access to free research, white papers, how to’s, and key learnings from chapter meetings and events
  • Member only access to SMC social network where you can connect with others who have similar interests or needs

Membership Fees

Visit the SMA membership page to access dues information for students and faculty.

New Ebooks

Cover art for Marketing 5.0

Marketing 5. 0

In a new age when marketers are struggling with the digital transformation of business and the changing behavior of customers, this book provides marketers with a way to integrate technological and business model evolution with the dramatic shifts in consumer behavior that have happened in the last decade. Perfect for traditional and digital marketers, as well as students and teachers of marketing and business, Marketing 5.0 reinvigorates the field of marketing with actionable recommendations and unique insights.

Cover art for Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

With the rise of more conscious consumers and the belief-driven buyer, organizations ignore sustainability and the spirit of 'doing good' at their own peril. From three marketing experts with decades of experience between them, Sustainable Marketing delivers the new benchmark for modern marketing. This book clarifies the importance of the sustainable approach before providing a comprehensive guide to implementing, driving and maintaining these practices in any organization.

Cover art for Empire of Pain

Empire of Pain

NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER * A grand, devastating portrait of three generations of the Sackler family, famed for their philanthropy, whose fortune was built by Valium and whose reputation was destroyed by OxyContin. They are one of the richest families in the world, known for their lavish donations to the arts and the sciences. The source of the family fortune was vague, however, until it emerged that the Sacklers were responsible for making and marketing a blockbuster painkiller that was the catalyst for the opioid crisis.

Cover art for Research Perspectives on Social Media Influencers and Brand Communicators

Research Perspectives on Social Media Influencers and Brand Communication

Each chapter of this book represents a unique theoretical and methodological approach to examining the emergence and growing legitimacy of the social media influencer as a brand communicator from a variety of perspectives and contexts, discussing challenges and opportunities afforded to brands by social media influencers and providing an overview of the current research on the use of these branding approaches.

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